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Fashion & Beauty Searches

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Sale Alerts

Beat the crowd to sales & brand updates when you save an item or follow a brand.


Not sure what fits your budget & lifestyle? We will find the right items for you.

Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

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The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: City Slickin’

The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: City Slickin’

We’re not sure about you, but the idea of driving past skyscrapers and tall buildings gives us a sense of awe. Travelling in the city has many perks, such as full access to WiFi, abundance of eateries, and of course, the shopping! Ready for an adventure of “wanderlust and city dust” across Asia?

Weather: Cold 

You Need: Outerwear


Credits: Who What Wear

Now, if the city’s leaning towards the “I need to wear double layers here” spectrum, it’s absolutely mandatory to carry an outerwear wherever you go. It can be a light kimono if it’s not too chilly, or a thick leather jacket to brace the cold air. You can definitely find ones that are both fashionable and protective! Remember to check the weather before you head out- you don’t want to catch a cold during your trip.

Shop Outerwear >  

You Need: Boots


Credits: Hello Fashion Blog

Sure, sneakers and loafers are covered shoes too, but there’s a reason why shopping malls stock up with boots in countries that have winter. They provide extra protection, and some even have glides at the sole so you won’t slip! You don’t have to wear knee-high boots like Rihanna does, but a simple ankle boot will keep you warm enough. Socks are optional, but recommended to avoid awful blisters.

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Weather: Hot

You Need: Maxi Dress


Credits: Extra Petite

If you’re wondering why this isn’t in the ‘cold’ weather section, we have good reason! While many perceive maxi dresses as a type of clothing you wear when it’s cold out, they’re not entirely wrong. Wearing shorts or mini dresses out under the scorching sun can give you nasty sunburns. So opt for maxi dresses that have light fabric and a flowy hem yet cover your legs.

Shop Maxi Dresses >

You Need: Sunglasses


Credits: Hustle & Halcyon

Just like how you must protect your skin, you need to protect your eyes too! They’re just as sensitive, and you need your pair of eyes to be in good condition to take in all the beautiful surroundings. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that actually have UV Ray protection (we know the cheap ones are really tempting, but don’t!) and you’re good to go.

Shop Sunglasses >

About ZEN Rooms

Travel more, pay less! Founded in Indonesia, ZEN Rooms offers budget accommodation for travellers across 39 cities in Asia. Carefully selecting independent and budget hotels, ZEN Rooms guarantees you a stay that’s comfortable and of high-quality, without breaking the bank.

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The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: Beach Getaway

The Ultimate Vacation Guide Series: Beach Getaway

The sea breeze, the sandcastles, the sound of the ocean waves… just thinking about these makes us wish we’re on a beach vacation right now! We know you’re counting the days to the next public holiday, but honestly, the next weekend could be the perfect time for a quick getaway across Asia. Worried about accommodation? Worry no further, just click here. ;) We’ll wait here for you to browse through the endless options. Once you’re done, time to see what you need to pack for your beach holiday!

#1 Swimwear 


Credits: Elle España

Sounds like a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of people swimming in just tees and shorts! While there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s always better to swim in a proper bathing suit. They fully protect your skin, and generally provide easier movement. Besides, with the evolution of swimwears - bikinis, monokinis, long-sleeved suits - there’s sure to be a suitable piece for everyone. You’ll look stylish and comfortable swimming in the ocean. 

Shop swimwear >> 

#2 Beach Kaftans


Credits: rockybarnesblog

Or basically, any beach cover-ups. They come in different styles now! From maxi kaftans to sheer ones, just pick whichever that you feel the most comfortable in. Now, some of you might be wondering: why can’t I just wear a plain old t-shirt? Well, of course you can wear your favourite tee. Kaftans just typically have a lighter material, and compliments your beachwear perfectly.. But ultimately, you do you!

Shop Beach Kaftans >> 

#3 Espadrilles 


Credits: We The People

What is better than sneakers? A shoe that has the look of a sneaker, but feels more lightweight. Espadrilles! (No hate towards sneakers, though) Besides the weight factor, espadrilles are perfect because they protect your feet from sand a lot better than sandals, and are easier to slip in and out of! They also add a casual touch to your beach vibe. They’re perfect for when you’re done with swimming at the beach and want to go for a stroll by the town.

Shop Espadrilles  >> 

#4 Hats

Credits: Haute Off The Rack

We know the drill, always wear sunscreen before you head out the door. This rings true especially on the beach! But often we forget to protect our heads too. Too much sun (no matter how fun it is) may give you dizziness and damage your hair. To avoid risks, bring your hat along (brownie points if you bring a floppy hat) with your other essentials and you’re good to go! 

Shop Hats >> 

About ZEN Rooms

Travel more, pay less! Founded in Indonesia, ZEN Rooms offer budget accommodation for travellers across 39 cities in Asia. Carefully selecting independent and budget hotels, ZEN Rooms guarantees you a stay that’s comfortable and of high-quality, without breaking the bank. 

Click here to browse your next vacation accommodation via ZEN Rooms! 

The Perfect Complements for Your Raya Outfit

The Perfect Complements for Your Raya Outfit

Now that you know what’s your theme for the upcoming Raya celebration, and where to look for gorgeous baju kurungs, now all that’s left is finding the perfect accessories to complement. May it be sunnies, matching heels, handbags or earrings, every little extra addition goes a long way.

Pair Monotoned with Prints


Credits: @aqilahnaqlis

For printed pieces (think florals, laces, or gingham), it’s always best to keep the rest of your outfit simple. A monotoned handbag and heels would fit in just right.


Go Bold with Darker Tones

Credits: @its.annekyn

Darker shades mean that you can go with brighter accessories! For colours like burgundy or dark blues, a printed clutch or a statement necklace are great options to start with.


Play Match with Colour-Blocks

Credits: @nvieana

To style colour-blocks, try using one of the colours as your base. For example, if you’re wearing red and yellow, you can wear red heels to match. Add a monotoned bag and you’re good to go!


Best of Both Worlds with Pastels

Credits: @lissanazeri

With pastels, you can either go big or go subtle. For more bling, statement earrings are perfect. If you want your pastels to stand out more, go with sunnies and matching heels.



5 Emerging Muslimah Brands You Need To Know Now

5 Emerging Muslimah Brands You Need To Know Now

Raya is a yearly opportunity to reinvent yourself, and your style. To stay on top of the fashion game this Raya, your traditional clothes need to be modern and trendy while still maintaining a sense of modesty. With that in mind, we present you the five best up and coming muslimah fashion brands to take your Raya look to the next level this season.


With its minimalist style, asymmetrical cuts and structured designs in a palette of grey, pink and beige, BYN is definitely our favourite among the up and coming (and highly affordable!) muslimah brands.


Muslimah Blouse (RM80)


Muslimah Blouse (RM80)



From printed hijabs to modernly designed dresses, Jubahsouq offers modest muslimah wear without compromising style. Browse through the collection of affordable kurungs, jubahs and tudungs and get Raya ready.


Nuraa Azalea Peplum Kurung Set (RM219)


Nuraa Azalea Shawl (RM59)


Butik Sireh Pinang

Multicoloured kurungs, sophisticated kebarungs in dark hues or stylish kurungs with pleat details - Butik Sireh Pinang is a brand for all personalities. Whether you like your modest wear playful or elegant, this is your new go-to-brand for the season.


Baju Kebarung Modern (RM299)


Melati Modern Kurung with Songket Print (RM149)



Modern, stylish and elegant - Vercato is a muslimah fashion label that balances classic and modest wear with contemporary, trendy designs. Think peplum lace dresses, ruffle kurungs and embellished bell sleeve tops.


Riley Pleats Peplum Long Dress with Ribbon Belt (RM359)


Baju Kurung Moden Peplum - Vercato Laila (RM243)

Gene Martino

Gene Martino is making its mark around the muslimah fashion scene with its bold and colourful baju kurungs. Providing a line of striking prints on bright colours and unique cuts, Gene Martino recognises the desire of muslimahs to dress fashionably, yet modestly.


Baju Kurung Modern (RM135)


Baju Kurung Modern (RM139)

The Best Raya Collections For Every Budget

The Best Raya Collections For Every Budget

With Hari Raya just around the corner, we want you to celebrate in style with the season’s most amazing collections designed by the crème de la crème of ethnic wear labels and designers. From splurge-worthy collections with well-known designers such as Rizalman to budget friendly labels like Lubna or Poplook, we’ve got the list you’ve been waiting for. We’ve narrowed down the six best brands and designers for you to look head-to-toe chic in for Raya 2017.


Rizalman for ZALORA

This year marks Malaysian designer Rizalman Ibrahim’s 25th year in the fashion industry. And what better way to celebrate his jubilee than collaborating with #Zaloraya? As always, Rizalman has blown us away with his Eid collection featuring abayas, kurungs and kaftans in a medley of prints and lace fabrics luxed up with Swarovski crystals on floral appliqués for a dramatic effect. With prices ranging from RM579 to RM1589 it’s surely not inexpensive, but trust us when we say you’ll make a head-turning entrance!


Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA

Inspired by Africa’s vivid colours and lively energy, the collection designed by Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA is named ‘Savannah’. Channel your inner African queen with colourful baju kurungs in mermaid silhouettes enhanced with beaded lace cuffs.Treat yourself this Raya with these stunning traditional pieces, ranging from RM355 to RM529.




Emel by Melinda Looi

The line Emel by Melinda Looi is inspired by traditional clothing and fabric, but interpreted for the modern muslimah. The collection “Colourful Traditions” features a range of luxurious baju kurungs in exuberant colours and unique prints. The best part? It’s for a good cause. Looking fabulous while contributing to society? Yes, please! Expect prices from RM395 to RM695.



Budget Friendly


Want to make a jaw-dropping entrance this Raya? With form-fitting baju kurungs and pleated tops embellished with 3D florals, along with a palette of pastel and dark hues, Lubna has got you sorted. With pocket-friendly prices ranging from RM35 to RM245, Lubna is definitely on the top of our list!





ZALORA’s in-house label Zalia debuts its Eid collection with a selection of peplum tops, tunics, kurungs and kaftans. From sequins and 3D lace appliqués to jacquard prints and detailed embroidery, Zalia will make your Raya dreams come true. Complement your look with embroidered hijabs and stunning handbags for an eye-catching ensemble. Expect prices from RM79 - RM99 for hijabs, RM49 - RM109 for bags and RM129 - RM399 for clothing.




Embrace this Raya in POPLOOK’s four signature collections: Heritage, Borneo, Dentelle and Antalya. From traditional kebayas by the Heritage line and ethnic prints on kurungs from the Borneo collection to feminine silhouettes on lace dresses from Dentelle, and romantic, floral kurungs from the Antalya line, POPLOOK caters to every woman’s needs this Eid. Find kebayas, kurungs, tops, maxis and hijabs from RM52 to RM239.



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