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Shoppr searches fashion and beauty sites so today's modern woman can make the best buying decisions quickly and easily. Shoppr's website and mobile app connect you to over 3,000 local and international brands through universal search, sales and brand alerts, and personalised product recommendations based on your body type, lifestyle and budget. Find what you want to buy at no extra cost and get ideas on what to wear easily.
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Our Story

Co-founder, Yin Sylvia loves online shopping. As a student, she spent her free time devouring fashion. Maybe it was FOMO, but she wanted to buy everything. And like many of her friends, she struggled with figuring out where to find similar options when what she wanted was out of her budget or not available to her.

There was that one time when she saw a super cute pair of skinny jeans on Jenn Im on Instagram. She just had to have them; that wash, the cut. You know… like love at first sight. So Sylvia started that exhausting scavenger hunt across the world wide web to get a pair just like it. But by the end of it, she realised she wasted hours and was still unable to find a comparable pair. Mission… impossible.

So in September 2014, Sylvia, alongside co-founders Kendrick, and Nikolai, came together to save you and others from further heartbreak and frustration. Now, you can learn how to style and search for the clothes you want to buy, all in one place. Shop off our style guides, find similar products, and access the latest sales updates from over 3,000 local and international fashion brands.

The Founders

Kendrick CEO

Kendrick Wong


Sylvia Chief Operator

Sylvia Yin

Chief Operator

Nikolai Prettner Head of Design

Nikolai Prettner

Head of Design

Marketing, Content and Finance

Matthew Business Development

Matthew Lovett

Head of Business Development

Anabelle Content

Annabelle Yeoh

Head of Content

Anabelle Content


Head of Finance


Marcus CTO

Marcus Low


James Data Scientist

James Smith

Data Scientist